Maryland Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Works to Discharge Debts

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When you’re facing litigation, service cutoffs, or other problems driven by debt, and there seems to be no way to pay off what you owe, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide the financial relief you need. At the Law Office of Joseph E. Ashley in Hampstead, I offer experienced guidance for Maryland clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings so they can put an end to aggressive collection actions and discharge their debt. By carefully reviewing your situation, I can advise you whether you are eligible for Chapter 7 relief or if another type of program, such as a Chapter 13 debt repayment plan, is better suited to your needs. At every stage of your proceedings, I represent your interests and assert your rights so that you can free yourself from your financial burdens.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool, but it can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with the relevant rules. During a free initial consultation, I explain what’s involved with this type of filing, including:

  • Means test — This test determines your eligibility to file Chapter 7 based on your current monthly income relative to the median income for a household your size in Maryland, but it’s also based on the amounts of your disposable income and debt. My firm examines your income, assets and financial history to determine whether Chapter 7 is a suitable option for you.
  • Automatic stay — When your filing is accepted, the court issues an automatic stay. This means that all collection actions must end until your bankruptcy proceeding is resolved. In addition to stopping harassing calls, the stay also prevents creditors from foreclosing on your home, repossessing your car or cutting off utility services.
  • Exempted property — Some debts, such as taxes, student loan obligations and back child support, are not discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. From the start, I will explain what items are exempted so you are not subjected to any unpleasant surprises.
  • Creditors’ meeting — Usually, most bankruptcies require only one appearance in court. The trustee assigned to your case convenes a meeting between you and your creditors to discuss their various claims. Following this session, a plan to address individual debts can be submitted to the court.
  • Discharge of debts — You might need to sell certain assets to help pay off creditors. Once the process is completed and the court approves the plan, nonexempt debts are eliminated and you can enjoy your regained financial freedom.

By hiring a qualified Maryland bankruptcy attorney, you can refocus the time and energy you have spent worrying about your money problems into your other responsibilities and the activities you enjoy.

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