Minimizing The Consequences Of A DUI Criminal Case

Flashing lights from a police car are only the beginning of the challenges you are about to face. A drunk driving arrest is a life-changing event that requires legal help. You need to know the facts before you make any decision that could change your life. Not taking action to protect yourself or accepting bad advice could lead to serious penalties, even if you are not convicted.

At the Law Office of Joseph E. Ashley, our attorney will remain at your side from your initial consultation to the final resolution of your traffic violation case. He will use every resource at his disposal to minimize the consequences of your arrest.

A DUI Arrest Can Become Overwhelming, But Our Attorney Will Stand By Your Side

DUIJust because you were arrested for drunk driving does not mean that a conviction is automatic. In fact, that assumption often leads to a guilty plea before a trial commences or an attorney is hired. That "strategy" ignores the complexity of these criminal cases.

You do not have to face these challenges on your own; an attorney can even the odds you face.

Maryland DWI/DUI lawyer Joseph Ashley will review all aspects of the arrest that changed your life or that of a family member. From the initial stop to the field sobriety and breath tests, our attorney will review the arresting officer's procedures to ensure your rights are protected.

Our Hampstead Attorney Is Ready To Help You

At every step of your case, Joseph E. Ashley will focus solely on obtaining the best possible outcome. From traffic violations to vehicular homicide to DUI, he is a tireless advocate with unwavering dedication to overcoming obstacles. More information is available — schedule a free consultation by calling 443-639-4262 or filling out our online intake form.